Tuesday, March 30, 2010



1 oz Parmesan Cheese (shaker stuff is ok but we prefer the shredded cheese)
3 Tablespoons flour
dried parsley (I don't measure, I just shake in for color)
olive oil
thin sliced pork, turkey, or chicken (I'd say about 1/4")
3/4- 1 cup chicken broth

Mix flour, parmesan, and dried parsley.
This is the proscuitto, very thin and easy to tear into the right shape for your meat. Edible just like this since it's not raw, more like a thin ham but will crisp up like bacon.
Lay the proscuitto on the meat and coat with flour mixture.
Add olive oil to the pan and place meat in the pan, try not to crowd so they brown and not steam. Cook on each side until golden. 3-5 mins total since meat is thin.

You can cook this two ways. You can cook the meat in batches and do the sauce at the end or do 1 batch and sauce, then the second, third (however many you need) and do sauce for each as you go. I prefer to do sauce for each batch as I go. If you use a non stick pan there will not be as many bits in it as a stainless steel but I prefer the clean up from a nonstick, much easier!

To make the 'sauce' add a little bit of the chicken broth ... and let it simmer a little. It will combine with the flour on the meat and thicken. It's not a heavy sauce, just for some added moisture.
Tastes great served with this garlic cream sauce.

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