Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Brielle and Me" BOOK GIVEAWAY

National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month
and today is
National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

Some of you have met my family through my Facebook page or perhaps you read my About Me page. My beautiful daughter has cerebral palsy due to a battle with meningitis when when she was just 4-1/2 months old.  She is 18 years old now. Yes, always smiling and always happy!

 Recently I visited our school Child Growth and Development class to talk about disabilities.  I talked about Sarah's and a little bit out our journey from birth until now.   The biggest thing I hoped the class took away from this was for the students to reach out to those special kids.  Find out what they like to do.  I told them they would be surprised to find that even with their differences, some profound, that they will have something in common.   Activities such as watching movies, playing outside, listening to music, and laughing can be enjoyed by many.

In this photo I am talking about Sarah's special foot braces (AFOs) that she wears and how it helps her walk.
Photo Credit WACO High School (cropped)

Now on to my giveaway.

I don't recall how I came upon the Brielle and Me: Our Journey with CMV and CP page but I did.  It is about a young lady and her family's journey.  After being on the page I discovered the mom has written a book about the journey.  I like to read books by other families who deal with the similar lives with our children with special needs so I ordered it.

I found this book both a joy to read and very emotional. It's almost as Kerith, the mother, had a peek into my life as well. It is a good read and even if you are someone without a special needs child in your life reading this book might help give some insight to our little world. If you join the Facebook page you can see their life beyond the reading of the book and interact with them. I am so glad I came upon this book and would highly recommend it!

One day I was deciding between doing the dishes or grabbing a cup of coffee with a blog of whooped (as my youngest calls it) cream in it.  You can see my decision. 

A little bit about the book...

"Brian and Kerith had plans for their family. That all changed six weeks into the pregnancy of their second child when Kerith got chicken pox. Fears flooded their lives for months. When she was eight months pregnant, they received more bad news. Their baby was also affected by a completely different virus, cytomegalovirus (CMV). There was a forty percent chance their baby would not survive. Brielle not only survived, but thrived despite cerebral palsy caused by CMV and is now nearly 18 years old.

Brielle and Me is a mother’s story of how they managed life with a daughter with cerebral palsy while navigating through developmental therapy, doctors, school, and relationships with friends and family. This is their journey of hope, determination, love, and faith."

Follow Brielle's life journey on the Facebook page:  Brielle and Me: Our Journey with CMV and CP

Follow the blog to learn more about special need parenting (lots of information here!): Brielle and Me

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Didn't win or want to grab a copy of your own now? Check it out! (affiliate link)

*Book giveaway is not sponsored by any one other than myself. 


  1. Thank you, Jenny! I pray this book reaches a family who needs it!

    1. Me too!! Thanks for writing great book. I am glad to share it with others!

  2. I am also familiar with Brielle's story from when I used to host FTSF linkup and thank you for reminding me of her story, as well as your girl's here today. Also, thank you for the giveaway of Brielle's book, too.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! Thanks for sharing glimpses into your lives.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful book. I had a nephew that had a non-communicating brain with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy how was always a special person both when he was alive and with his death - he was an organ donor and although he was unable to do very much for himself he gave us 110% and with his death he was able to bring joy to many families, a young boy who needed a heart and a woman who needed lungs... I also have a niece with down's and is a special girl and perfect except when her stubbornness comes through.